7 Day Meal Plan – Our gift to you

Dear Friends and Clients,

As we proceed in our determined efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our society from the threat of Covid-19, many of our colleagues are unable to continue in their field of employment. Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Cell Analyst is in this situation, as are many of you.

Understanding the challenges of preparing healthy and nourishing meals, using non perishable foods, Chantal has created this 7 day meal plan, which includes a shopping list, plus delectable recipes.

We are going to miss Chantal, during her temporary absence, and thank her for this beautifully crafted and gracious gift. Please enjoy!

Chantal can be reached through IG and Facebook.

We will be certain to let you know when Chantal returns to care for her new and existing clients at The Waterdown Clinic of Functional and Integrative Medicine.

We wish you peace, happiness and the very best health during these unusual and historic times.

We are here to serve and to help. Please reach out if you need assistance.