7th Annual Thermography Clinic – Saturday October 20

On Saturday Oct 20 we will once again host Janice, from HealthSCAN for our annual thermography clinic.

Unlike more familiar medical imaging such as X-ray, mammogram, ultrasound, and MRI, which are tests of anatomy or structure, Thermography is a test of physiology or function. Thermal changes are often the earliest sign of vascular disease, immune dysfunction, and systemic inflammation.

HealthSCAN provides three different scans:

  1. Full Body
  2. Breasts Only
  3. Women’s Wellness, which includes the thyroid/neck, breasts and abdomen.

Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging, commonly referred to as Thermography, provides informationon physiological changes in the body before disease occurs which makes it a truly preventive approach to your health. At the same time it can also explain issues you may currently be having.

Generally, problem areas show high temperatures due to increased blood flow and increased metabolic activity and the imaging can help identify and/or monitor inflammation, pain or illness in any part of the body.

This non-invasive test, uses an infrared camera to measure and pinpoint abnormal thermal changes within the body. This information is captured on a high-speed computer and is interpreted by a team of medical doctors. Your Naturopathic Doctor will review the results with you in a regular 30 minute appointment and incorporate the findings into your heath plan.

The scan is harmless, non-invasive, no radiation, economical, medically approved technology, and requires only a minimal amount of your time. Many of HealthSCANs patients make the scan an annual event.

This testing is also available to individuals who are not existing patients of the clinic.

To schedule your appointment on Saturday Oct 20, please contact Amy at 905 690 9151 or info@waterdownclinic.com