A Nutritional Supplement for Your Skin; A Personal Treatment For You

A Nutritional Supplement for Your Skin; A Personal Treatment For You

By Stefanie Wood, Holistic Esthetician/ Sea Flora Skin Expert

With the arrival of spring many of us are in clean up mode. We are so eager to organize and de-clutter our homes as well as slim down for bikini season! Seeing your naturopathic doctor is the best step to customizing a tailored program to detox your body. Did you know detoxing your skin is just as important?

Combined with naturopathic and physical therapies, detoxing your body should include a wellness program for your skin. Whether you have a skin concern, want to slow aging, or brighten your complexion, spring is the perfect time to improve the health of your skin.

As a Holistic Esthetician and Complimentary healthcare practitioner, I know the importance of the connection between mind and body. I am very excited to be working with the team at Waterdown Naturopathic Clinic and have designed a menu of wellness therapies to support you in your journey to health. Custom created using Seaflora Wild Seaweed Skincare, all of the holistic therapies are designed to detoxify, heal and improve the immune function of your skin.

Seaweed has been used for centuries in skin healing and as a vitamin supplement. Seaflora is harvested on the outer coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., one of the remaining places in the world where the ocean is wild and the coastline is clean. Seaflora is the only wild, hand-harvested, cold pressed seaweed skincare line, as well as the only one to have USDA and OCIA organic certification in the world. The vitamins and minerals in Seaflora not only soothe, tighten, and boost collagen in the skin, but also penetrate through the deepest layers to repair cells, detoxify, and feed the skin. In this way Seaflora truly is a nutritional supplement for the skin.

I am eager to show you ways to improve your health while relaxing during a custom holistic facial or body therapy. You can schedule an appointment with me during our Seaflora Spring Facial Event on May 11 or with Mother’s Day around the corner, also consider taking advantage of our introductory offers as a gift certificate for someone you love. Happy detoxing!!