Blow Away Those Seasonal Sniffles!

Blow Away Those Seasonal Sniffles!

By Dr. Mary Peric BSc, ND

It’s that time of year again! We’re still paying for our holiday indulgences, backto the stress of work, then add the snowy cold weather and the plethora of cold and flu bugs – It all takes its toll on our bodies. Having succumbed to a stormy cold myself, here are some words of wisdom to keep those sniffles away.

Eat regular meals and snacks: Keep your adrenal glands regulated and happy by eating three nutrient-dense meals per day and include some healthy snacks. Most importantly, don’t skip a nutritious breakfast!

Self-Care: Regular use of your castor oil packs will help increase your immune status through your gut (increasing SIgA) and your dry skin brushing will help promote healthy lymphatic flow – your lymphatics are another key factor in immune health.

Avoid sugar and dairy: Having probably had your fair share of Christmas cookies, a glass of wine (or two!) alongside some cheese…bring back the health of your gut to pre-holiday health! Avoid these two and include a regular probiotic. Remember, a significant portion of immune system lies in your GUT!

Immune botanicals: A few of my favourite medicine cabinet botanicals are Goldenseal, Echinacea, Astragalus and Wild Indigo. You can locate these botanicals in combination in Deep Immune by St. Francis Herb (also available at the clinic), which is used to tonify your immune system for cold & flu prevention and Echinaseal by St. Francis Herb (at the clinic too), for those nasty upper and lower respiratory tract infections! Follow the labels for appropriate dosages.

One last tip: Keep a small mason jar in your fridge layered with sliced onion, garlic and unpasteurized honey. Fill the jar until it is half-full. Consume 1 teaspoon of the liquid each morning. If you are feeling under the weather, take 1 teaspoon a few times throughout the day. Garlic and onion having amazing anti-microbial properties