Bowen Therapy

Relax, reduce pain, and return to optimal health.

We are happy to announce we’re now offering Bowen Therapy services.

Bowen is a gentle physical therapy that encourages the body’s relaxation response. By shifting
from the “fight or flight” mode of day-to-day stress into the relaxed state of “rest and digest,”
Bowen facilitates the body’s capacity to heal itself from pain, dysfunction and chronic stress.

An individualized Bowen treatment consists of gentle soft tissue work on muscles, fascia, and
joints. Our clients tend to feel a state of deep relaxation, a renewed sense of wellness, reduced
pain, and improved range of motion. It’s not uncommon for clients to become so relaxed, they
fall asleep on the treatment table!

Our clients have found remarkable improvement with Bowen therapy for headache, migraine,
endometriosis, back pain, sciatica, muscle tension, dizziness, stress and anxiety.

Coast through the busy-ness of the holidays with a sense of calm and ease. Give yourself the
gift of relaxation by calling the clinic to book a Bowen treatment: (905) 690-9151.