A personal note from our Director

Amidst the concerns and uncertainties surrounding the current Covid-19 aka SARS Cov 2 pandemic that has currently touched us all, I would like to share some observations.

This evening on my way home from an afternoon as the sole person in the Clinic, I noticed couples walking proudly prancing dogs, children out riding bicycles, families walking together in the local park. Fewer cars on the road. Smaller stacks of garbage and recycling waiting for next day pickup. I relish hearing from colleagues who are enjoying being at home with their children planting gardens, and home schooling, while preparing programs to help our patients who are also home. Reflecting on the the brief moments spent with my beautiful 6 year old grandson at Canadian Tire with his fresh little face, sparkling eyes, sharing his exuberant curiosity about something I can’t remember now, because I was so lost in the amazement of the moment.

I love not having the commute that adds 2 hours to an already long day at work.

It is fun learning new ways to conduct family, business, and client meetings using technologies such as What’s App, Zoom and Skype. Time to stop and write that book, work on a thesis, to think about ways to help our health care practitioners on the frontlines in hospitals…

We hear of Cottage Industries springing up creating much needed supplies such as masks. People taking the initiative to help those in need. These are some of the gifts that I see. What have been yours?

We are, no doubt, in turbulent times. Navigating white waters, this is the time to step out of our canoes, climb the hill and peruse the way forward, deciding on our very best options. I am encouraged by the good that I see, and try to take a step at a time. It seems, at this time, that our best way forward is to stay home and to limit contact with others, protecting the vulnerable in society, those with compromised health and our elderly, and our health workers on the front line. This is your time to shine.

The current new Corona Virus has taken the world by storm. We can be frightened or heartened by the stories that we hear in the news. We are learning as we go. Currently, non essential businesses are closed until April 7th and likely beyond.

We, at The Waterdown Clinic took the initiative to close our doors to the public before this was a government mandate. Many of our patients fall into the category of ‘most vulnerable’ and our intent is to protect them, as well as all of our clients and the community at large from potential harm.

We are very successfully consulting with our patients by a virtual doctors office and by telephone. Please call as needed, and we will respond as best we can within Provincial and Public Health Guidelines. We are here for you. The care that we provide in this way well may help prevent the projected surge in the demand for hospital services.

In closing, this is a wonderful song that seems just right for these times.


We wish you and your families the blessing of good health and the love, patience, and creativity that will sustain you through challenging times.

You may reach us by email at [email protected], or telephone 905-690-9151

Dr Kiellerman’s patients please contact me at [email protected] or leave a message at 905-690-9151.



Wash your hands often with warm running water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

Clean and disinfect with alcohol-based products.

Avoid contact, keep a safe distance from others, and limit your movements to reduce contagion.

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