Five Steps to a Healthy & Happy Winter


looking-out-the-wintry-windowIt’s hard to believe that it’s been cold and flu season for weeks now! And we are seeing it in all shapes and forms. Why is it that every year around this time we start thinking about cold and flu ? Why is it that once the doors and windows close for the season our systems play host to someone else’s germs? Probably because our systems weren’t all that strong in the first place! Here are five things you can do now to prime your body when everyone else around you it’s getting sick– and don’t forget good lifestyle habits through the rest of the year too.


  1. Stress reduction is at the top of the list because the more stressed you are the weaker your immune system is. Although it may seem easier said than done building stress resiliency will serve you in every season of the year in every year of your life. A super easy way to start bringing your stress level down is to do some deep breathing or a guided meditation for as little as three minutes per day. A great App to help you out with this is – download it now and start relaxing!
  2. Food always plays a role, no matter what season it is. Sugar is the big immune system killer so work at aggressively reducing it in all forms; at the same time add lots of intensely coloured foods with high nutrient values – greens, dark berries, deep reds, oranges and yellows– an immune boosting diet contains six colors of fruits and vegetables each day.
  3. The best defense is a good offense–reduce your risk of exposure. Stay away from people who are already sick, wash your hands frequently when you’re at work, and if you do get sick stay home and let your body recover.
  4. Add some great immune boosting herbs –reishi mushrooms, ginger, turmeric and garlic can be added to food or you can make a change of season tea or soup with Chinese herbs like astragalus, dioscorea, codonopsis, lyciium.
  5. Remember how great warming socks are at the first sign of symptoms? Well you can also use them once per week to clear your lymphatics and give your immune system a boost.


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