Functional Medicine bridges modern technological and pharmaceutical based health care with a comprehensive Integrative traditional approach. It is based upon the understanding that the human body is composed of intricate, cellular, and sub cellular processes that work in harmony much like an orchestra of finely tuned instruments. The human body is based upon intelligent design, balance, equilibrium and constantly strives to move toward healing.

Functional Medicine is personalized medicine that requires detailed knowledge of your medical history, your lifestyle habits, and your family’s medical and social histories . We look at your health from birth, considering lifetime exposure to toxins, nutrition, stress, injury, and quality of relationships. Treatment plans are tailored to your preferences, your unique health needs and draw from the most current, research based treatment modalities available, including: comprehensive laboratory testing, lifestyle, nutritional therapies, referrals to other functional and integrative specialists, prescription drugs, botanicals, bio energetic treatments, and nutritional IV therapies. Your health and vitality is the primary focus of the wonderful practitioners at The Waterdown Clinic of Functional and Integrative Medicine. Please note that one to three hours is spent reviewing your case before and after your visit which is included at no extra charge to the fee paid at the time of your appointment. This is a very in-depth process, we see only a few patient per day.

Although extra fees exist at the laboratory for testing not covered by OHIP, or nutritional treatments, the majority of expense for this medical care is based on the time that the Doctor spends with you.

The initial consult visit for a Functional Medicine evaluation will last 60 minutes with a fee of $350.00. The second appointment will also last a minimum of 60 minutes, and has a fee of $350, due to the time required to discuss results from the comprehensive blood work done on the first lab panel, and recommendations for nutrition, supplements and bio-identical hormone prescriptions. Third and followup visits in person, by telephone or ZOOM are $175 for 30 minutes.

Payment is collected at the time of service. Extended health care benefits may reimburse you for a portion of these laboratory and treatment costs, as well as prescriptions for your bioidentical hormones.

We look forward to sharing in your journey to optimal health!

Please call Laurie directly at 1-905-916-3666, or 1-905-515-4623 to schedule your appointments with Dr Kiellerman.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Jaklin, our Naturopathic Dr who is also certified by the Institute For Functional Medicine please call 1-905-690-9151 or schedule your appointment here

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