Grow Your Own!

Grow Your Own!

by Dr. Teri Jaklin ND, IFMCP

This is the time of year I get really excited. Sitting here I see mother nature working overtime to refresh my garden and already there are things ready for harvest. Did you know that plants provided us with our first medicines and are still – although grossly altered – the basis of many pharmaceuticals? For me, the term “plant2medicine” starts with where and how the plant is grown. The gentle yet profoundly powerful healing properties of herbs and veggies makes your garden an important medicine chest.

Don’t have the time or space for a garden? Great news – all you need is a pot, shoebox or even an old rubber boot! Container gardening lets you enjoy the benefits of home grown food without more than watering every so often. House, apartment, condo, no home is too small for a container of almost any food or herb. I am a big fan of growing your own – even if it is just one thing.

Here are a few tips to get you growing your own!

  • Most veggies grown in containers do best in full sun (6 hours per day) – put the pots on a cart if you want to move them around to different locations.
  • Including more than one herb in a container makes for easy access – as well as being a beautiful addition to the patio.
  • Include herbs and veggies amongst the flowers in your flower gardens!
  • In a container, use a good soil and fertilize! Ask for chemical free options (like manure tea) at the garden centre.
  • Don’t forget to water – factors like the size and pourousness of your container will determine how much watering you need to do.
  • Never done this before? – don’t worry, just follow the directions for depth and spacing on the seed packet and you won’t go wrong with planting.

What you ask? Here are some easy ones to start in pots:

  • parsley
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Chive
  • Oregano (spreds like a weed)
  • Mint (spreds like a weed)
  • Cucumber (have something for it to climb)
  • Tomato
  • Greens (any kind!)

If you have a flower bed try adding some beets or kale through the it.

Been thinking about starting a mini garden? I encourage you – no I double dog dare you to grow something this year.

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