Healthy Parks, Healthy People


Last week’s post was about the importance of spending time in nature and outdoors. There’s no excuse not to get out for a bit of green exploration this Friday – especially to hit the beach. Take the day off and explore one of Ontario’s Parks for free on July 15.

You’ll get free use of all Ontario Parks for the day. Go park hopping even! Many parks are offering events and activities but my ideal park getaway includes a hike and a bit of respite on the beach.

Why participate? The time to strengthen and rediscover our connection to nature is now! Ontario’s provincial parks are home to some of the most inspiring and beautiful landscapes in the country.

Even if you can only spare a few hours that day, head over to Bronte Creek for events including yoga in the park, learn to camp programming, a game of Cricket and other fun stuff.

If you’re up for a little bit of a longer road trip, check out the events on Ontario

Not only will you be creating a more healthy lifestyle for yourself by enjoying the outdoors on a regular basis, bring friends and family along and you’ll more than likely create some wonderful memories too. Bring a camera!

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