Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

healthy pregnancy healthy baby

A healthy pregnancy means a whole foods diet, an active lifestyle and getting the right vitamins and minerals. It’s pretty straight forward: no one wants a sick baby, right?

A healthy pregnancy also means a faster recovery for a new mom. Saying you’re eating for two does sound like a tempting excuse to overindulge, but the recommended amount of healthy weight gain is about 25 pounds. As your blood volume increases during this time you may be more prone to swelling. The best way to combat that is living a healthy and active lifestyle! Staying active and eating well helps promote good blood circulation. If you start off on the right foot you’ll feel better all the way through. The more active you are while pregnant the healthier you and your baby will be. Staying fit also helps to prepare you for labour, which is a bit like running a marathon: you’ll want to have the stamina and endurance to do it.

A healthy mom ensures baby’s proper development during the first trimester. What you intake into your body is also what your baby ingests too. Make sure you’re getting essential nutrients and vitamins during pregnancy. Probiotics can help prevent disease for the baby as well as asthma, allergies and eczema. The right supplements and nutrients are vital for giving baby a healthy gut. Vitamin D is key for baby’s bone development as are omegas: EPA and DHA help support cognitive brain development and promote healthy eyesight. A newborn’s vision is very low – they can only see about 10cm in front of themselves. As they grow their vision develops. Support the growth of your baby during pregnancy. High quality prenatal vitamins are very important for child development.

Start planning on getting the proper nutrients and living a healthy, active lifestyle before you get pregnant, not after you’re three months in. Work with a professional who can put together a plan for you so when you are pregnant you’ll be well prepared to take control for a healthier you and ultimately, a healthy baby.

If you need help deciding which prenatal supplements are best for you, come visit the Waterdown Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine to speak with Dr. Mary, who just happens to be a new mom!