I am a registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience in health care. My passion is helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. My love of caring for individuals with acute and chronic illness is what ultimately inspired me to pursue an integrative medical practice. From personal experience, I know how challenging it can be to find a medical practitioner who offers a holistic or functional medical approach to address each person’s unique health care needs. At The Waterdown Clinic of Functional and Integrative Medicine we believe in the use of bio-identical (also known as human identical) hormone replacement therapy, basic holistic nutrition, physical fitness and essential nutrients to help each client achieve their optimal wellness.

We are intricately designed biological beings, living in bodies that are like finely tuned musical instruments. Logically, the key to good health and aging well lies in the natural world around us. I love that with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, essential nutrients, and balanced lifestyles, we have the ability to treat common health concerns with evidence-based, safe medical treatments. There’s no hocus-pocus. Just scientifically proven, evidence based medicine that works harmoniously with our bodies to restore health, energy, and a passion for living.

It’s extremely rewarding to see my clients overcome discomforting symptoms, and begin feeling really well again, with a restored zest for life! I’m so happy that our paths have crossed and I look forward to serving you on your journey to health!

Laurie Rigg is a Registered Nurse with international experience in clinical settings, including palliative care, prenatal, nutritional and health education.

As a wellness practitioner, she offers more than 20 years of independent study of holistic health care with a focus on nutrition, physical fitness, vitamin/nutritional supplements, and bio-identical (natural human) hormone replacement therapy.

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