Personal Spring Cleaning Tips

by Grace Fuentes, RHN, Chef (we publish this posthumously with deep affection)

There’s nothing like the feeling that Spring is finally in the air! Stop and look around. Notice the new buds on the trees; see the daffodils ready to bloom; listen to the birds chirping in the early morning.

Finally we can start the seasonal cycle of packing away our winter wear and beginning the notorious spring cleaning. Springing into action and refreshing your home are important in this time, but don’t forget to include our body, mind and spirit.

Here are some Spring cleanup tips for ourselves:



Refresh your relationships.

It’s important to stay in touch with people who brighten up your life and are a positive influence, rather than people with antagonistic spirits or who cause stress.


Renew your spirit. Take some time to relax and decompress. Mini meditations are a great way to manage stress and stay focused.


Rejuvenate your body.

As bears hibernate in winter, we also tend to slow down during these cold months, craving warming foods and lazy evenings to protect us from the cold. In Spring, we begin to reawaken, hungry for sunshine and warmth. Bringing us renewed energy and whole body rejuvenation.

Eating more of the fresh greens of spring provide a gentle cleanse or simply make small changes like cutting out fast food, sugar and highly processed foods is a great way to start!