Spring Refresh – A Vibrant 10 Day Detox

This time of year we’ve been cooped up all winter, eating and drinking and not moving. Energy is low, mood may be a little off as we anxiously await the good weather that keeps teasing us. It’s no surprise that our thoughts naturally go to detoxification – and giving the body a good spring cleaning. We all know we should have an element of detoxification as part of our everyday lives but let’s face it sometimes it’s nice to just have a little kick start!

Spring Refresh; A Vibrant 10 Day Detox may be just what you’re looking for! Designed by our docs to be a simple but effective way to get back on track with your diet and mobilize your metabolism to feel more energized, drop a few pounds, reduce puffiness, improve skin, and even enjoy a more focused mind!

Three simple steps to success:

Step 1: Schedule a quick visit, check your vitals, sets some goals and pick up your detox kit which includes a beautiful Spring Refresh Guide with tips and recipes to guide the process.

Step 2: Start your cleanse!

Step 3: Follow-up to assess your success and create a plan for keeping the momentum!

The Spring Refresh cost is $170 (with ND receipts for part) and is available until April 30. Just give us a call to book it – and start whenever you want!