Three ways to stay sane this holiday season

by Dr. Teri Jaklin ND

You may look at these three tips and think – I know that…because we all do. So consider this my loving reminder to be kind and gentle with yourself this holiday season. It never fails this time of year, stress management becomes the undeniable theme. We want the perfect holiday feast, the perfect tree, the perfect gifts AND we want to do it all on top of our already packed schedules. When you think of it that way, there is only one possible outcome. So be kind to yourself…and here are three ways to recognize when things are getting out of control and was to gently steer yourself back on course to a wonderful holiday season.

Guard Digestion

You can’t fool the gut – rushed and poor food choices coupled with increased stress deliver a one-two punch. Aside from obvious digestive distress they will rob you of much needed sleep and deplete precious energy. First remember TO eat…skipping meals can be as bad as eating the wrong things. Be mindful of your food sensitivities – we avoid them for a reason. If you are heading for an event where you dread the food, help to resist temptation by eating something before you leave! This is definitely a season for digestive enzymes and castor oil packs!

Just Stop.

When things start to get crazy your body may respond in kind – with more anxiety, poor sleep, irritable bowels, a shorter fuse, low energy, forgetfulness – I think you get the picture. Before you get there, just stop. Breathe. It just takes 3 deep breaths to take you out of the stress response and into relaxation. Remember that – when you need a break lock yourself in a closet if you have to…and take three deep breaths. Another great strategy for stopping is to remember to do your castor oil pack in the evening (or any time really). It has a unique calming effect on both your gut and your mind.

Maintain your routines!

This time of year all your well-honed routines can be cast aside – don’t let them be! The anchor for overall health is in your routines. Routines keep your body and mind grounded and on track. So pay special attention to prioritizing and maintaining them. Use alarms to remind you it is time for meditation, or time to eat, bedtime or exercise time. Be uncompromising with your self care – start here by not compromising on healthy routine.